The 23rd Field Season Begins!

On May 4th, the LBCS crew was transported to Limestone Island on LBCS Director Danny Roberston’s new boat M.V. Highlander. It was a beautiful, calm day and the transport went smoothly. The BAMBI team, who have been working on deer projects in the area for a few years, were there to greet us, and kindly helped pack totes and gear across the jagged rocks in front of camp. Last winter was another eventful one for Limestone, with more blow-down and at least one tide high enough to wash underneath the new cabin and onto the trails! Luckily the cabins were fine, nothing was washed away, and the only casualty from falling trees was an old tent platform. The first few days in camp involved some clearing up of trees including one that had landed literally inches from the old cabin. Thanks to Mike Hennigan for volunteering to help with this!

Thanks also to everyone else who helped us get out of town and back onto the island