LBCS research camp starts 19th year

Many thanks to this season’s hard working setup volunteer crew which consisted of: Lon Sharp, Russ Fleming, Alan Moore, Lea Menzies and Haley McKnight-Yeates. Staff who helped with the camp start-up included: Camp Supervisor/Biologist, Jen Rock, Interpreter/Biologist, Jake Pattison and LBCS executive director, Lisa McKnight-Yeates.

The big project this year was the installation of the composting toilet and outhouse. Last year LBCS was able to purchase the composting toilet thanks to funding from the Prince Rupert Community Foundation. The crew of the Gwaii Haanas II delivered the toilet to ELI part way through the season. Lon Sharp agreed to be the building manger and spent the last few weeks before camp, working diligently on this project. He spent hours planning, measuring, organizing material and cutting wood. Andrew Yeates also assisted with the wood cutting prior to camp start-up. Once on island, a crew of Lon, Russ, Alan, and Haley worked diligently putting the outhouse together and preparing an overflow drainage pit.