Sponsors and Partners

Laskeek Bay Conservation Society is grateful for the donations we receive from individuals and organizations. Thank you to everyone who has donated time or funding to LBCS so that we may continue to monitor wildlife in Laskeek Bay, continue our research on the Ancient Murrelet and our outdoor education program, Project Limestone.

2017 Sponsors & Funders:

  • BC Gaming Fund (Province of British Columbia)
  • Bird Studies Canada
  • Baillie Foundation (Bird Studies Canada)
  • Canada Summer Jobs (Service Canada)
  • Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific Region
  • EcoAction (Environment Canada)
  • Gwaii Trust Youth Program
  • Habitat Stewardship Program (Environment Canada)
  • Marine Debris Program (BC Parks and Village of Queen Charlotte)
  • Northern Savings Credit Union
  • Park Enhancement Fund (BC Parks)
  • Parks Canada and Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
  • Special Purpose Funding (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

Our Partners:

Academic Partners

Since the beginning of LBCS, we have welcomed many groups, students, and staff from various organizations, universities and colleges to come and work alongside us or use our data.  Included in these projects are:

  • Guelph & Carleton University - study projects for credit (1992)
  • Uvic (Forest Structure), UBC, CWS, Parks, SMFRA, MoELP, insect collection project (1997)
  • North West Community College Ecotourism Program (1999)
  • Haida Fisheries studying Abalone & Haida Forestry - effects of deer on vegetation (2001)
  • Haida Fisheries studying urchins & University of Ottawa undergraduate field course students & Queen's University studying songbird genetics (2002)
  • Ottawa University, 2 week undergraduate course
  • Lakehead University, Outdoor recreation department (2004);
  • Langara College Haida Gwaii Studies Program - interpretive tour (2005 & 2007);
  • Global TV documentary (2008)
  • Simon Fraser University, Centre for Wildlife Ecology