Educational Tools

Outreach activities for youth

These interactive activities produced by the Laskeek Bay Conservation Society provide a great variety of learning modules for students K-12. Perfect for in-class studies or supplemental learning.  Contact us for more activities and presentations!

BirdSleuth K-12

This interactive program produced by the Cornell Lab of ornithology provides a great variety of learning modules for students K-12. Perfect for in-class studies or supplemental learning; students will be asked to draw upon a range of skills while exploring the world of birds. 

A Kid's Guide to Bird-Watching in the Playground

This website provides tools and resources designed to help get kids into birding. It includes bird identification tools, equipment suggestions, activities and e-zines! Many thanks to Shannon and Patrick for sharing this wonderful website with us!

Home Advisor Bird Watching Guide

This website provides an excellent guide for beginner bird watchers. It provides an overview of what you need to get started watching birds, and may links to more resources, clubs, and tips. Special thanks to Alyssa (6th grade) and Taylor (grandma) for the recommendation!

Rat Awareness

This brochure provides valuable information on rat awareness. Rats are considered an invasive alien species (IAS). IAS are responsible for the extinction of more native species on islands than any other cause and are the greatest threat to seabird populations on Haida Gwaii.


Yardmap is also produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and allows users to contribute meaningful data to the scientific community while gaining a greater understanding of their own backyard. Create beautiful landscape maps using satellite images and then start plotting your bird sightings into a database used by researchers around the globe.

Great Backyard Bird Count

Every February the Great Backyard Bird count organizes a global-wide initiative to count and report wild bird species over a period of 4 days. Results are displayed in real-time, and with more than 100000 contributers the snapshot of bird movement and populations is fascinating.

Top 10 Apps for Birding with kids

Put the best tools for birding right in your pocket for the next time you head outside with kids! These ten apps offer great comprehensive information on bird identification, eBird data input, observation recording, and bird sounds. With thousands of species, photos, and sounds, these apps are a must for birders on the go – explore which ones are right for you and the youth you work with.

Go Grants

GO Grants provides grants to K-12 schools for transportation, project materials and program fees that support outdoor learning experiences about BC’s environment. In 2011, HCTF created GO Grants (formerly called the Conservation Education Assistance Fund) to help educators connect students with the outdoors. GO Grants provide students opportunites to connect with nature and engage in dynamic and memorable learning experiences.