Interpretive Day Tours

Throughout our field season, we offer interpretive day tours of East Limestone Island. Led by our resident biologist and assistant biologist, these tours are an opportunity for you to learn about Haida Gwaii's rich natural history.

The activities themselves are designed to protect nesting seabirds and the surrounding habitat from disturbance and degradation. As such, we do have limited group sizes and request that visitors follow the same guidelines as our volunteers.

Since beginning this program in 1990, we have welcomed over 1500 visitors - and would love to have you join us next!

Recommended donation: $100

Note: These tours are designed for individuals, groups and tours that are already in the Laskeek Bay area and want to stop by. As an organization, we do not provide transport to/from Queen Charlotte - but Moresby Explorers and Haida Style offer wonderful day tours to the region!