Our Staff

Stephanie Korolyk. Executive Director

Stephanie settled in Queen Charlotte after finishing her biology and environmental studies degree at the University of Victoria. That led her to jobs with Parks Canada, the BC government, and Fisheries, but her heart is with non-profits, and community-based science that’s accessible and relevant. Growing up adventuring around Vancouver Island produced a lifelong passion for the outdoors, and she keeps busy between her time at LBCS, renovating her new home, and exploring everything Haida Gwaii has to offer.


OPEN. Lead Biologist

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Interested in filling this role? Send your Expression of Interest to laskeek@laskeekbay.org by Jan. 31st, 2018.

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Our Board of Directors

Michael K. Moore. Forestry Consultant

Keith has been a resident of Haida Gwaii for more than 30 years. He is a Registered Professional Forester and has an MA in Geography. Since 2000, Keith has run a consulting business based in Queen Charlotte that takes him across Canada and the world to work on forest certification with the Forest Stewardship Council. To date, Keith has been involved in over 50 certification projects in five Canadian provinces and several other countries. Keith is also involved in forestry and environmental issues in BC. On Haida Gwaii, these include the campaign to protect the southern part of the islands, the Fish Forestry Interaction Program and the Strategic Land Use Plan. Keith lives with his wife, Helen, and sons Peter and Alan in Queen Charlotte.

Erin Harris.

Since her arrival on Haida Gwaii in 2006, Erin's strong interest in conservation has been reinforced by many formative experiences in work and personal adventures. She became a director in 2012 after working in Laskeek Bay for partner organization, the Research Group on Introduced Species. While assisting with field research, operating the field camp on Reef Island, and driving the boat in many different types of weather, Erin formed a strong connection with Laskeek Bay and the surrounding areas. In addition, other work experiences with The Moresby Explorers, Anvil Cove Charters, and Elemental Visions have provided many opportunities to learn about boating, weather conditions, local geography and wildlife. In her personal time, Erin enjoys many hiking and boating adventures as well as spending time at home with partner Jake (biologist with LBCS for 10 years) and their baby Nora.

Brad Yonkman. Fisheries Technician at Hecate Straight Stream Keepers.

Brad and his wife Aline moved to Haida Gwaii in 2013 looking for a lifestyle change. Prior to the move Brad had worked 25 years in various sawmill management positions. He has a love for the outdoors and spends his spare time hiking, hunting, fishing, and taking pictures. He was first introduced to the Laskeek Bay group, and the work they do, in 2014. That summer he spent a week on East Limestone Island as a volunteer. He greatly enjoyed this experience and was impressed with both the work being done and by the dedication displayed by all the team members. He became a member of the board in 2015 and is excited to have the chance to contribute to the group.     

Ainsley Brown. Biologist, Teacher, Former Executive Director LBCS,  Researcher

Jacques Morin.

Daniel McNeill.

Elizabeth Cardell. Retired Visual Artist

Mariken Lagassé. Nurse

Margaret Stronge. Heritage Presentation Specialist, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve & Haida Heritage Site

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Tony Gaston (Chair). Canadian Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Research Center
  • Jean-Louis Martin. Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CEFE-CNRS)
  • Kathy Heise. University of British Columbia, Department of Zoology
  • Dr. Joanna L. Smith.  TNC Canada, Global Oceans Program and Simon Fraser University, Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Mark Hipfner. Wildlife Research Division, Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada
Supporting research and conservation as well as promoting learning and knowledge sharing is very rewarding. Our directors are passionate about the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Haida Gwaii!

As a director with LBCS there is a great opportunity to reach out and connect with other people, in schools teaching children about the complex ecosystems of Laskeek Bay, in conversations at merchandise booths at on island events, or in presentations at international seabird conferences. Many of our directors connect with volunteers, interns and research staff while visiting East Limestone Island (ELI) or while helping out with logistics back in Queen Charlotte City.

There is a great spirit of cooperation and everyone pitches in to help out where and when they are able. Every Director’s skills are varied and valuable. A director may volunteer by: helping with yearly maintenance to trails and field camp on ELI, hiring staff, loading the transport boat at the dock, billeting interns, donating goods for sale, participating with field research…the options are plentiful!
— Erin Harris