LBCS has a new Executive Director

Aggie Cangardel has just recently joined our team and will be replacing Jamie Mcdonald as our Executive Director as of this week. We would like to thank Jamie for her services and welcome Aggie to our organization! Aggie has previously worked at Haida Fisheries as Program Biologist and more recently in a corporate environment. She comes from the UK where she obtained degrees in Marine Biology and Oceanography and Molecular Genetics.

Field Season Summary

After a busy field season which included a complete change of field staff, we have summarized our experience. Check out our new 2018 Field Season Summary to learn all about the projects we worked on this past May to July 2018.

Science Literacy Week

Last week was Science Literacy Week, a week-long celebration of science and space in Canada. This year, SLW partnered up with the Space Agency to highlight the exploration of the cosmos. Here in Haida Gwaii, we thought we would share our knowledge of how birds have inspired us in this exploration. For this occasion, we visited various classrooms and facilitated activities that helped students learn about how birds fly. We also gave a great presentation at our new office in Skidegate on flight and predation patterns.

Missed it? Click here to access the presentation on predation patterns and find lots of cool info on flight patterns here.