The great projects our Limestone Island field staff will be joining this fall.

This fall, our Camp Supervisor Jake Pattison will be working in the field with Project BAMBI, based out of the camp on Reef Island.

Project BAMBI is a 4 year study on the relationships between introduced Sitka Black-tailed Deer and the ecosystems they inhabit on Haida Gwaii. It is the continuation of a 15-year partnership between LBCS’ sister organization, Research Group on Introduced Species, and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). The CNRS component is headed by Jean-Louis Martin, who has been studying deer, plant and animal interactions on Haida Gwaii since the late 1980s. CNRS provides the scientific framework for the project; RGIS brings local expertise as well as community involvement, ensuring that the results of these studies are accessible to the public and are considered in local decision-making.