Days 1 and 2 at the World Seabird Conference

Viv and I have now wrapped up two full days of sessions and symposiums at WSC2!

View of Table Mountain from the conference centre

We have filled our days with presentations and workshops on topics ranging from the impacts of fisheries bycatch and windfarm development and ocean warming, to seabird navigation, the status of the worlds 22 penguin species and many other topics. There has also been lots of time for meeting up with people we already know, and meeting new people.

We both attended the opening video address by Jane Goodall, which was bothinspiring and a challenge to do more to protect the world seabirds.

LBCS was featured in a video compilation during that Opening Session - a video that Lindsay and Keith shot on Limestone this summer. Our main events happen tomorrow: Viv will set up the poster and will tell people all about LBCS when they visit it during the evening poster reception, and Keith will give the presentation, that he has been paring down to fit the (very short) 15 minute time slot! The presentation is part of session with people from Iceland, New Zealand, Chile and the US entitled "Community based Seabird Conservation".

Ryan and Viv at the welcome reception

It has been exciting to hear from many people who already know of Limestone Island and LBCS. There are past grad students who have worked on the island, and other researchers who have come to volunteer. We hope by the end of the week that even more people know who LBCS is and what we do!