Our 2016 Interns & Their Research!

Every year, we welcome interns to East Limestone Island for four weeks at a time. These individuals are typically nearing the end of their undergraduate studies, and their focus is often on biology, environmental studies or resource management. Over the course of their month on ELI, they are trained in a variety of research methods, and they learn aboutlife on a remote research station. In turn, they become essential members of our team and we couldn't complete all our work without them!

Being able to spend 4 weeks on East Limestone enabled me to contribute more to the projects and see their development. I felt like a valued member of the team, having become more confident and efficient in my tasks. I am very grateful for the skills I acquired, my fellow team members who were so open and helpful, and the beautiful environment where I was able to spend time with seabirds and other local creatures. I was also able to complete a research project.
— Ruby Pyke

This season, we had two fantastic students join us: Ruby Pyke (UBC) and Terra Hauser (Quest University). Ruby was our first intern to take advantage of the SFU accreditation option, meaning she earned course credit for her time with us. We're VERY excited to share her final report exploring inter-annual variation in growth rates of Cassin's Aucklet Chicks on ELI.