Two busy weeks here in Laskeek Bay...We make the most of good weather, even as the first days of summer bring SE gales!

Ancient Murrelet funnels have been taken down and packed up for the season. They are installed each year just before chicks beg in hatching and taken down soon after the breeding season finishes...removal this season was delayed somewhat by our Black Oystercatcher survey in Gwaii Haanas.

Most cavity nesting birds have fledged from the wildlife trees. There have been several new discoveries in the past week: Two Chest- nut-backed Chickadee nests and two Red-breasted Sap sucker nests. These new discoveries bring the season’s nest total up to 11 sapsuckers, 4 Brown Creepers, 3 Chestnut-backed Chickadees, and 1 Hairy Woodpecker...a productive year for cavity nesting birds! We are particularly surprised at the abundance of Brown Creepers this season. Creeper nests have only been found in nine years since 1990, and 1998 (2 nests located) was the only other year where more than one nest was found.