Sunshine & calm seas are welcome after a big Southeaster

The Ancient Murrelet chicks are still coming down the funnels with a total of 241 chicks as of May 27th. The peak occurred the night of May 21st with 15 chicks in North Cove and 18 in Cabin Cove. A great Southeaster blew in the following night and the numbers dropped substantially – only one chick in Cabin Cove on the 23rd and 24th. Since the storm passed more chicks have been departing nightly under much more favourable conditions. Many Fork-tailed Storm Petrels have been heard cackling late into the night and have be seen flying at the edge of the forest. Cassin’s auklets have also been heard calling near Lookout Point and along the coast north of camp. The breeding population of both these species has been steadily increasing on the island over the past few years.