Cavity nesting birds are busy across Limestone Island

Ancient murrelet work has finished up for the season, the last chick being captured on June 3. The total number of chicks captured this year was 129 (125 in funnels 5-8, and 4 outside funnels or after 2:30 am). The total for funnels 5&6 was 92, down from 103 in 2007. Funnels have been taken down and put away until next season. Cassin’s auklets appear to be doing well again this year. We continue to check nests at the ‘East Coast’ site, where approximately 20 burrows are active. There are also several very smelly burrows at Lookout Point, indicating that the chicks inside are alive and well. Fork-tailed Storm Petrels also seem quite active this year compared with the past.